1 month down! 2 to go!

Okay. I never thought I could ever train for a long run. Yes, I do run on treadmills, max is 8km per visit but running outdoors never entered my mind. I just got married and my husband and I agreed that this year will be OUR year so making babies will be postponed LOL. So I started thinking, what will inspire me to go back to the gym everyday and run? Yes, I have to lose weight. I was 130lbs 4 weeks ago, 5’3ft and I abhor diet!!! But even thinking of losing weight still makes me want to go back to our comfortable bed and turned the AC on full blast while watching “The Good Wife”!

Then my lady boss came into the picture, she’s a marathoner and runs like 15km minimum in a day/4x a week! And yes, even in her late 40’s, she’s gorgeous! So I asked her one day that I want to have something to look forward to so I want to join a half-marathon on July 14, a run that is organized by Takbo.Ph.



I’ve already registered as of this writing so I’ve nowhere to hide! Yaiks! So there I was, asked the boss if she could prepare me a program because I know and believe that I’m doing something wrong with my so-called-training, hehe. My ever supportive boss handed me the next day a program for 3 months (until the July 14 race). I was ecstatic. And right then and there I TRAINED.

I am now on week 5 and just finished my 14k long run yesterday. Got lazy last sunday and was so tired so I moved it to Monday, I know! BAD! =/



Sorry, I’m really proud of my time coz I only stopped twice for water break and felt it was s good run and I had to stop and take pictures of the sunflower at UP. =) 

I hope and prayed that I will continue to blog so I can share to my beautiful readers (if there is any) my journey to my half-marathon.




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