Thing I learned as a new outdoor runner

My 4x-5x a week run were usually spent at UP Oval. First, it was close to home and second I felt safe running at the Oval since there are so many runners even at night as it was only the time that I can run. When I started running outdoors, I thought it was gonna be easy. Like I park the car, get a water, bring the bottle while I run then press PLAY on my Iphone. But man I was wrong! When I got out of the car, my first problem was where to put my car keys! Girlscout as I was, I placed it inside my towel and placed it at the middle of my chest! Oh yeah! Come on, Am I the only one who came across with this problem?! Hehe But one thing for sure, until now it works! Second problem was, since my towel is already securing my keys, I came to realize that sweats when outdoors stings my eyes! I was like,, ANOOOO?? Eh sa gym I was sweating like a pig pero parang tubig lang ang pawis ko! But seriously, that “pawis” from running outdoors hurts so much when it reached your eyes. SOLUTION: I bough a running head band ‘HALO’ at Runnr in Trinoma (will post a review on that next time). Third, mabigat pala maghawak ng tubig habang tumatakbo! My scary and risky solution, I put my water bottle behind the post near my parking! Ha! Okay, I just hope no one sees it and pee on it just to pull a prank! Last but not the least, water bottle on the left and Iphone on the right hand seems like a bad idea. Grabe! I didn’t know that my Iphone would cause so much problem, back at the gym I conveniently place it infront of me while on the treadmill! ugh! So there I was, bought a arm band that can fit my Iphone on a very cheap Php 300 price hehe. A cheapskate that I am, my left arm is now experiencing scratches form my very cheap iphone holder LOL


I know that this is a continuous journey and I’m excited to learn more and new things as a newbie runner. =)




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