HALO: My first running headgear


Two weeks to training I was consistently whining that after hitting the 2km mark, all my sweats started to go down my eyes and MAN! It was stinging! The kind of sting you feel when you open your eyes under the beach! Yes, that sting! Since I’ve never felt it before coz I was comfortably running in an airconditioned place called GYM, I was panicking and scared that even I dont feel the sweat on my forehead I religiously wipe it after a few seconds!

So I told my marathoner boss about it and she said that I should buy a running cap to prevent the sweat from going down. But I was never comfortable in a cap especially night running so one day I told my husband to accompany me to RUNNR TRINOMA to check out some headbands. I even check out Nike too but they dont have the perfect band I was looking for. And so there we were at RUNNR and I saw this perfectly simple headband in different colors! HALO! The answer to my eyes! Bought it at PHP 695.00 and got the one in blue.

I was giddy and so excited to try it and the next day on my long run (13km) I was able to see the difference! Since it has a yellow rubber inside which kind of the “stopper” that will prevent it from slipping, all 1:40mins of my long run, it didn’t slip and NO MORE STINGING EYES!!! =)

It was affordable and yes, it served its purpose! =)






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