My First Fun Run!

Oh yes! I finally did it!

Last wednesday I asked one of my officemates who usually carpools with me to register for me since she will pass by SM NORTH. I pleaded her to drop by at Toby’s SM North and do the registration since by the time I finish from a run, malls already closed. I could have registered online but the cheapskate in me didn’t want to spend additional Php 150.00 to have the kit delivered to our house! When my officemate called me up to inform me that medium size are already out of stock, I wasn’t shock since I know it will be the first size that will be sold out first. So she still registered me then i have to go back the week after to claim my singlet. BUT when I arrived at the office the next day… TADA!!!

My officemate told me that the nice guy from Toby’s SM North caught up with her and told her that they still have MEDIUM size! Thanks Toby’s SM NORTH! šŸ™‚

For this race, I registered for a 10k run. The run will be held on a Sunday and since that day is dedicated for my long run I interchanged my wednesday to my sunday hehe! So that week, I’ll be running a 19k on a wednesday and the 10k on the day of event! Problem solved! šŸ™‚ Wish me luck on my first ever run! Wooooot!!! šŸ™‚




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