Rest Week Is Over

I rested for a week to nurse my cold and for my muscles to recover. Okay okay, fine. I’ll tell the truth! It’s true that I had a cold but I know that’s not an excuse. Last saturday me and my husbands family went up to Baguio to escape the scorching heat of Manila and to celebrate my in laws’s anniversary plus our 1st civil wedding anniversary. Well, technically me and the husband agreed not to celebrate anymore and instead celebrate our church wedding on December. But anyway, I was so excited last friday so I packed my running clothes aaaaaannnd we were almost in Baguio then I remember! I forgot to pack my running shoes!!!

My husband was dissapointed coz he’a also eager to run in Baguio because of the good weather and the crazy uphill. Imagine my dissapointment.. 😦 And that dissapointment was triggered when I saw that a marathon was being held at Camp John Hay.

Lesson learned: Don’t get too excited. Pack first then get excited! 🙂

So anyway, I started my Week 6 last night and I’m doing a 3km/8km/3km/16km this week! Wish me luck. I had a bad time last night coz damn menstrual cramps!


x o x o



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