Starting Week 6!

Sorry for not posting for a week even though I promised that I’ll try to post almost everyday. Well, after my run last week (below) colds got into me and I had to stop for awhile so it will not get worse! For the whole week to prevent the colds to worsen, I had to infused my water..

I’m infusing my water with lemons for about 2 weeks now and it does wonder! I beat my colds! Ha! And I’ve been peeing like crazy and I feel like my skin the past few days are well hydrated.

I recommend to anyone to try to infuse their water once in a while, better if everyday. Try to have it part of your day to day work. I have some friends who can’t bear the taste of lemon in water but I tell you, it’s only psychological and besides it has lots of benefits šŸ™‚

x o xo



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