A good 8km Tempo Run!

Oh yeah I’m back! I mean back from that very awful colds and that evil menstrual cramps that made me missed running yesterday.

So today I did my 8km tempo run…


Well, it was a good time for me considering I was down for a week so now I’m trying to catch up with my Week 6 of Half-Marathon Training. During my 1st mile and that slight uphill I can feel my legs stretching, when I mean stretching, I mean tired. But I psyche myself it’s just warming up (this always happen when I’m running) and VOILA! on my 2nd mile I was running like breeze. I even hit 9.60km/hr and lowest was 7.46km/hr, as always, I was having a hard time following what “tempo” running is. I feel like I want to finish fast and to have a best time. So on sunday I’m doing my LSD 16km run, I have to psyche myself that I’m doing that for endurance!

So because of that “catch up” I mentioned awhile back, I have to wake up early tomorrow to get my 3km easy run at the gym. Yes, I’m also enrolled at Gold’s Gym and I feel bad for not making the most of my membership since I almost have no time for some gym classes 😦 Next week, I’ll try to catch some toning and spin class for my alternative class on rest days from running.

So anyways, hope you all had a good run or maybe a rest day today! I have to change now as I’m dripping from sweat! Ciao my fellow runners!

x o x o



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