I am a Creature of Habit

I am a creature of habit. When me and my husband started dating he introduced me to Japanese, Indian, authentic Chinese Food and he me enjoy things that I won’t even dare to try.

Before I started training for my half marathon over a month ago, I’ve been running for a year on a TREADMILL even though UP (University of the Philippines) Sunken Garden, one of the best training route for runners is a stone away from our house. Whenever someone will ask me why not run outdoors, I always tell them “I can’t do it and it’s so hard!” I know, that doesn’t even count as a valid reason.

The first time I ran at UP I felt good and I was like “Hey I can do this!” I felt like it was my “me” time, that I can zone out from work and not think of anyone or anything else but how perfect the night is. For over a month now, I’ve been running on the same route seeing this at night…


See how perfect and serene UP Oval is? It’s perfect at night πŸ™‚

But today, I was set to do my 3km run at the gym (see my post below) since I feel so bad that I was not able to maximize my membership. So when I got to the car, I found myself driving back to UP, sheeeshh. I thought to myself since I can’t see Mr. Sun yet, might as well run and see the sunflowers on daylight.

When I reached the elliptical road, I passed by the Quezon Memorial Circle, you see, the circle also has a good route for runners. From the name itself, it is a circle, it is 1.8km computed from the outside perimeter of the circle while UP has 2.2km on the Oval. And there I was, for the life of me, I found myself turning left on the circle and paying for the parking fee! I’m here!

It was a beautiful day to run, there are families, lots of vendors and kids playing around at the circle but the running route is clean of any people so you can have a perfect run trying to avoid Mr. Sun! Hehe! So there I was, a creature of habit trying to explore what QC Circle will bring…

And I finished it! Done with my easy 3km run for the week! πŸ™‚ I’ll now rest fpr my long run tomorrow and have a satur-date with my husband! Have a good weekend my fellow runners πŸ™‚

x o x o



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