My new Halo Hair Band

Remember my LSD run last week when I lost my Halo Hair band? It cost me Php 795.00 (and it’s 5day old) and it took me a hard time to buy another one. Yeah, I’m cheapskate like that! So last saturday I asked my husband that I need to buy a new hairband and I prefer Halo since it works for me. It’s the only brand I’ve tried so far and I’m pretty sure I’ll be sticking to it for a looooong time. When I mean long, I mean forever. So I bought this one…Image

It’s Php 375.00 only, half of the price of the hairband I lost the first time. I’ll still buy probably next week the one I lost but I wanna try how effective this one is. So the next day I tried it on my 16km run and Oh boy! Halo does stick to its words when it says on their webpage…

Halo Hairband: Hair Headband

The Halo Hairband is the ideal hairband for female athletes who need to keep their hair pulled back during any activity. Featuring thousands of gripping fibers around the inside of the hairband, the Halo Hairband also acts as a non-slip headband so you don’t have to constantly adjust it during a game, match, or training. Our sport hairband is available in ½” or 1” widths and in a variety of colors.


Sport Hairband Features:

  • Exclusive Halo NO-SLIP Technology (fabric on the inside of the band uses thousands of gripping fibers to hold the band in place)
  • Stays in place during ANY activity
  • Elastic band in back for a comfortable fit
  • One size fits all
  • Made with the highest quality fabrics available
  • Absorbs sweat
  • One year warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Made in the USA

By the time I was done, I slow patted my Halo Hair Band a good job LOL =) So for newbie runners like me, I suggest grab this one! It’s a must before that elusive Garmin watch and that Nathan Hydration Belt! =) Hayyy.. I want those two =( Next time promise! Next time!


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