Week 7 = Confidence

I couldn’t think of a better title on this particular post but my best feeling right now. CONFIDENCE. 🙂 Okay don’t get me wrong, on my 5km today I felt like it was a good night to run but when I heard my running app, my speed was just 7.5km/hour! I was like, “Whaaaat???” I felt like I was going on 9km/hr! Here is my embarassing 5km run awhile ago..

So when I say CONFIDENCE. It means confidence in joining FUN RUNS! Yes! I’m slowly going out there! I’ll blog tomorrow about the first fun run I’ll be having this May! 🙂 It’s a 10km run that I’ll be running with my husband that will be held on his alma mater, the University of the Philippines.

Anyway, back to my run. So this week I’ll be having a 5km/7km/4km/16km 🙂 My 5km awhile ago felt easy but oh boy I was wrong! My mind was telling my feet to go fast but my feet was so heavy from my LSD run last Sunday or I think I’m just really bad at stretching. How do you stretch before and after a run? How many minutes?

I have to improve my stretching 😦 I do think that it contribute so much to my run and warm ups. So I’ll be consulting Mr. Google or Mr. You Tube for some infos tomorrow.

x o x o



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