Week 10 (day 2): 9km run

I’m back! Well, a bit stronger today LOL So I feel so bad sucking up on my time on my past runs because my period got on the way (sorry male readers) and I’m adjusting on my new Nike’s.

Awhile ago, armed with my arm band for my Iphone5 with 16 songs (with 2 Justin Bieber) and my ever reliable Simple Hydration Bottle that I bought at Planet Sports Trinoma (I think I’ll have a serious relationship to my bottle, LOVE IT), I started running on an average speed of 8.10km/hr. I know it may seem slow but on my training I’m still on track 🙂 So I managed to keep my pace until the last km and I feel so good about it. My friend, Charms who’s also running with me tried to run with me on the first 2km but I told her that I have to leave her behind coz I’ll have to up notch my speed. To be hones, I’m way behind my training and a feel a little bot worried if I can do my half marathon on July 14 😦 But I know if I start to discipline myself now and no more excuses, I know I can beat my own time!


My aim is to achieve 10km in an hour and I feel so close! I’m happy! So goodnight my fellow runners, I hope you had a good run today 🙂




Nike Lunar Swift 3



I bought my first Nike Running shoes a year and 6 months ago. It was a Chirstmas Gift by my then boyfriend turned husband because I kept on putting rugby on my old pair of Nike which I use for running on treadmills. That old pair was not even a running shoes, it was a cross training shoes. Well, back then I couldn’t care less whether I need a stability shoes or neutral shoes, I have just this idea that all rubber shoes are meant for running LOL. So when my then boyfriend bought my Nike Lunar Swift 3 ate Nike Trinoma, it was just because of the nice color haha! 

So when I started training 2 months ago, my Nike Lunar Swift 3 was God sent! It was my perfect running shoes. I can run 16km with only water breaks for walking but I tell you, my Nike’s were perfect. It was 2 weeks ago that I forgot my Lunar Swift at the province that my husband told me to buy a new pair since I have to “break it in” before my half marathon on July 14. So I submitted, I went to Nike Robinsons Galleria and bought a super super beautiful Nike Lunar Glide 4. I blogged about it here.

I was so excited to use it and for the past 2 weeks I run almost 4x a week to test it and so that my feet can adjust to it. If you will notice also, the past 2 weeks I’ve been running slow and mostly pacing with a newbie runner so my new Nike’s will have to adjust. It was only yesterday that I noticed and finally decided that the Nike Lunar Glide 4 wasn’t meant for me =(, I owe you readers a honest review about it.

On my Nike Lunar Swift 3, my running form was perfect!!! Never in my entire 2 months of running LDR or speed run that I experience my big toe hurts or my knee caps giving up, but on my Nike Lunar Glide 4, it did =( At first I thought it was just another bad day for running but when I felt it every run I know something is wrong. I then told my marathoner boss about it and I was so relieved that I wasn’t the only one. She told me that she has 3pairs Lunar Glide 4 already and all of it was not meant for her too. 

Whenever I run, my feet is everywhere! So thats the reason why I need a stability shoes. On my old Lunar Swift 3 I never get pain whenever I do long run, I feel tired during the last stretch of 14-16km but I feel no pain on my knee cap and legs. I don’t also feel the ground on my Lunar Swift unlike my Lunar Glide 4 where I can feel my soles are touching the ground, that’s probably the main reason why I get pain in my big toes and pain on my knee cap only on the 6km-9km stretch, yeah that’s how bad it is =(

But anyway, I know that switching from another running shoes is a trial and error thing and I’m glad I feel a “notch” up now that I feel a difference, NAKS! I feel like a pro runner who’s blogging about a shoes hahaha! So for now, I’ll be using my Nike Lunar Glide 4 for short runs and my Nike Lunar Swift 3 for long runs =) 



Week 10: 9km run

I have so many excuses whenever my time sucks! So yesterday I motivated myself that my run will be a good run, I mean, I feel good! Rain just stopped, weather is not so hot anymore, few people are running and I’m not in a hurry to go home coz the husband is out of the country for work. So yesterday lunch I was procrastinating here at the office and started stretching to ready my feet for my 18km run (I was cramming again remember?! LOL) and then I felt funny in my stomach, I was like am I having today the TIME of the month?! No no no no! I rushed to the ladies room! And need I say more! Sorry guy readers. :/ I don’t need to elaborate on this one.

So come late afternoon I was having dysmenorrhea already but I can’t moss a run and I feel like i can do my 18km run. I reached my running route and started to run about 8ish pm. Oh man! On my 2km stretch I feel the invigorating pain of dysmenorrhea + gas pains and it didn’t go away until my 8km run! I was really really slow coz my body is aching from the pain 😦 I was cursing myself because I was such a lazy ass the previous days so now I’m experiencing this 😦

On my 9km, I stopped! My mind wanted to continue but my body will surrender and I didn’t want to finish my 18km on 3 hours. I wanted to finish my 18km on sub 2 so I decided to finish my 18km on wednesday and just rest for today.

So you know how messed up my training for this week is? Since I advanced my 9km due for wednesday, I have to do my 18km on wednesday, 18km on friday and the combined 5km each on Sunday (Run United 2 Race at the Mall of Asia). I wanna dieeeeeeee!

And next week I have to do again my 19km on a mid week since I’m leaving for Singapore on the weekend. Oh man, the things we do to train for a half marathon LOL. I’m not complaining I always love the feeling after a run.

Oh and one lesson I learned yesterday, EAT after the run. I had bread for breakfast, half rice for lunch then nothing the rest of the afternoon. After the run last night I decided not to eat, well you know for “diet” for purposes LOL and I learned my lesson the hardway, I woke up in the middle of the night with dysmenorrhea + gas pain + hunger :/ So I sneaked to the kitchen and ate 2 spoonfull of rice and a bite of chicken. Sheeeessh 😦


I hope you had a good and better run than mine my fellow newbie runner! 😉




I paced again with my officemate who’s a beginner runner. I motivated her to run with me in the entire 8km run. Well I needed the company since I’ll be running a “rape” route hehe. Sorry for the term, I just called that route coz there are always a group of boys hanging behind the trees LOL! So anyway, Charms, my officemate run with me the entire route. Eventhough it was a slow run coz I’m trying not to leave her behind it made my feet recover from the long rest (3 days) I had during the election period. I guess another advantage is that I didn’t feel tired after the run, in fact the feeling was so good that I felt the 8km was too short (excuse my bragging LOL)

We finished at around 10pm and headed straight home. And man that was the time I felt the tiredness.. Without me knowing I was KO the next minute I laid down haha! (The reason why I wasn’t able to blog about it last night)

This morning I was planning to run very early to finish my 4km required run (i was cramming remember?) but I woke up late 😦 So instead of running on the road I made a visit at the gym! Finally I was able to use my membership! 🙂


I strictly ran 4km because I’m too scared for my 18km long run tomorrow! I know it’s a No-No to run before a long run but the crammer in me had to, sorry the crammer/lazy runner in me had to! 🙂 It was an easy 4km run awhile ago and honestly I miss the gym but don’t get me wrong I’d rather want to run on the road, it’s a lot different.

And now my weekend starts! I’m waiting for my husband to arrive from Tagaytay and then its a satur-date for us! Fast and the Furious 6 baby! 🙂




Excuse the new look of Runkeeper, I just updated awhile ago and I just noticed it now. 🙂

Well today I did a super mega slow 5km run. I paced again with a friend of mine who’s doing the buddy run on June 30. At first she was suppose to be my buddy but she backed out coz she thinks she can’t make my goal time. Okay, I think I bullied her everyday at the office and warned her that if I end up making the the 10km run in 2 hours, I’ll die and scare her to death LOL! Yes, I’m that bad! 🙂 So she backed out and will run the 5k. And guess who’ll be my new buddy?!!! None other than my ever competitive husband!!! 🙂

It was a good run tonight, obviously I rested again for 3 days and obviously too, I’ll cram again my runs for my week 9. Tomorrow I’ll do my 9km required run and saturday morning my 3km run. Finally on sunday, my 18km run! Aggghhh! I wanna die just thinking about it! I know I can do it, I just don’t know what time I’ll be finish haha!

So there you go, goodnight my fellow runners! I hope you had a good fast run tonight unlike mine! 🙂 Mwah