Okay, I know you’re laughing now! 🙂 In your mind you were probably saying “I do 5k in 30mins!” Please bear with me, promise this will be a short blog about my pathetic run LOL!

For a beginner like me, I want to do a happy dance right after my non existent girlfriend in Runkeeper App do her thing “Time: 51mins blah blah… ” If it weren’t for the other runners looking at me with weird eyes because I was smiling from ear to ear, I would have probably do my happy dance while going back to the car! 😉

I was so happy that my feet didn’t feel the usual tired feeling when I started my first 2km, usually as I always mention in my past blogs, I always feel weary or tired during the first 2k then I start to feel okay. This is also the first time that my feet kept up with my mind to go fast! I was feeling elated awhile ago when I reached my 1st km in 6minutes!!! Oh yeah oh yeah! Beginner in the house! LOL

OKAY, sorry. I promised this will be short 🙂 Oh! I just joined and subscribe to Runkeeper Elite, uhmmmm, so what next?!

x o x o



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