I’m claiming it! It’s my week!

YES! It’s my week! (Okay, can I have a free pass to edit this entry if I’ll suck on my LSD run on Sunday?!) But nevertheless, I want to be positive!!! I know it’ll be a good week!!! Woot!

Today, I did my last 4km easy run for the week and I added a kilometer more because my husband ran with me to prep him for our 10k run on May 19 🙂 He’s not new to exercising/running since he’s playing basketball twice a week so cardio is not new to him but of course we all know that still, running requires continuous distance and pacing. But my competitive husband kept up with me the entire 5k run! Look!

I’m so proud of him!!! 🙂 I can feel that he’s tired but he kept going till the last stretch and he didn’t walk! I told him that we can run next week adding more km until we reach the 10k mark so he’ll have a pretty decent time on our first run together 🙂

My husband rarely runs with me since he can’t keep up with the running for a long time because his right knee is giving up on him but today it didn’t! AND it’s because of this good find we bought at RUNNR Trinoma last weekend..

LP KNEE SUPPORT 647 = PHP 260.00
(Available at RUNNR Trinoma and other Sports Specialty Store)

When my husband was able to use it at his basketball game, he said that it made his knees stronger and it lessen the weary feeling of his knees and today on his run, his knees didn’t hurt a bit!!! 🙂 He’s so happy with his purchase and asked me to get another one for his left knee! I’ll get one too to try on my LSD run on Sunday and I’ll tell you my experience on it! 🙂

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