PACE UP 2013


I recently posted about my first registration in a fun run, see here.

BUT, when I chanced upon an upcoming race on my favorite place to run, I knew I wouldn’t want to miss it! I emailed instantly my husband if he wants to run with me, and the manipulator in me attached this photo…


AHA! I got him at the SINGLET! Bwahahahaha (*evil laugh) My husband is an alumna of the University of the the Philippines, specifically the School of Economics and he loves his alma mater so much. So when he saw the Singlet, he fell into my trap! Since I want to run with him, I told him to just run the 5k and I’m fine with it but my competitive husband told me that we can run the 10k (Uhm yes I can but not so sure of my love one!). He once accompanied me in my run and he did ran the entire 4.5km without stopping but his feet got injured the next day! Hehe! So I finally said YES but I told him to train a little bit coz I will not wait for him and be a clingy wife all throughout the race! (Okay yes, I probably would do that! #newlywedsoverhere)

Yesterday I was able to register for me and my husband! The Pace UP is a fundraising event organized by the Maroons Athletics Parents and Alumni Association. After an easy and breeze registration at Riovana Katipunan, I squealed a little bit when they offer discount for alumni’s, I immediately called up my husband and asked him his Student Number, the good folks at Riovana Katipunan trusted me (Naks! With my pa-cute face they didn’t asked for the Alumni Card) LOL So I got a Php 50 discount!

Categories and Fees

1. 3K (₱450)

2. 5K (₱550)

3. 5K UP Student (₱490)

4. 10K (₱550)

5. 15K (₱650)

You may REGISTER at the following booths:
Villamor Hall (U.P. Theatre) U.P. Diliman, Quezon City (They are across the UP Theater so you can see them when you run along the UP Oval) – Available until race day, May 19, 2013. —> If you are a night runner just like me they are usually there around 6pm-8pm or if you’ll be a bit late you may text or call MIGGY. He’s a nice and very accomodating young man who waited for me last night because my husband’s officemate who also graduated from UP wanted to reguster and join the race with us =)
Miguel Camacho
Mobile: +639266895956

Gabriel Soriano
Mobile: +639157071669

Riovana Katipunan/BGC – Available until May 18, 2013
Online registr­ation is available at
Assembly and gun start times
Category Assembly Time Gun Start
3k 5:30AM 6:00AM
5k 5:15AM 5:45AM
5k Student 5:15AM 5:45AM
10k 5:00AM 5:30AM
15k 4:30AM 5:00AM
Race Results
Race results will be available at least three (3) days after race day at the following websites:
Place 3k 5k 5k Student 10k 15k
1st Php 1500 Php 2000 Php 2000 Php 2500 Php 3000
2nd Php 1300 Php 1750 Php 1750 Php 2000 Php 2500
3rd Php 1000 Php 1500 Php 1500 Php 1750
Php 2000

Excited to run in the usual route I run every night! Woot!


So please please please if you haven’t register yet, please do so as this one is for a good cause =) The registration fees are easy on the pocket and you’d have the chance to help fellow athletes =) 15 DAYS LEFT! =)

Here’s my singlet and race bib for the race:

x o x o





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