That grueling 16km run!

I spoke too soon on my last post! I knew it! I suck big time on my week 10 16km LSD run! Wait let me first apologize for being MIA the last two days..

Sorry coz I wasn’t able to blog for two days, went home to our province to help my dad in campaigning, he’s running for councilor (see how I incorporate running?! LOL) Okay, my sense of humour sucks too!

So my LSD run today hasn’t changed a bit from last week! I still have the same time 😦 Sheeesh.. BUT I guess the important thing is that I FINISHED STRONG!!! 🙂


Since I wasn’t able to run for two days I thought that I’ll have a smooth free run but Oh Boy I was wrong! The first time i felt pain is on my left stomach side, the pain you get when you just ate then you ran! Yeah, that one but the thing is I didn’t eat anything the last 3 hours before I ran. Good thing after 300meters it was gone. The second pain I felt and the most excruciating pain was during my 13km stretch, the bones under my right breast (please educate me the name of that area LOL) that specific spot hurts soooo much everytime I breath. I felt that pain too last week on my LSD run and I asked my runner boss and she told me to step hard on the opposite side and then breath out loud! Super loud breath! She explained to me that when you ran for so long our breathing loses its rhythm. And in all fairness, I did what she told me and it worked!!! 😉 My fellow newbie runners, you may try this but please don’t judge me when it doesn’t work LOL Remember: I’m a NEWBIE RUNNER too hehe.

So there I was during my 14km stretch, my mind wanted to cheat already as I feel sooooo tired and my knees and legs wanted to give up already!

My cheater thought: “I can run 14k only since last friday I ran 5km, 2km over my required run!” Yes, I badly wanted to cheat and I was already psyching my mind. But I felt guilty and finished the entire run STRONG! Woot!

I cannot believe that I can improve this much! The first time I run on a treadmill, my time was ‘2minutes straight run on 7.5km/hr then 1minute walk after’.. That program goes on and on and on.. So by one hour I hardly reached 6km! Haha!

So be inspired fellow newbie runners! I cannot imagine of what miles I can run by simply motivating myself and pushing myself! 🙂

Hope y’all had a good run my fellow runners! 😉

x o x o



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