5km in 30minutes!

My title is misleading! 🙂 What I meant by that is, THAT’S MY GOAL!!! 🙂 I want to finish 5km in 30mins until 10km in an hour and finish my half marathon in sub 2 🙂 Is that possible for a beginner runner like me?! I hope it does! Promise I’ll train hard and push away my cheating thoughts when doing my long run!

So anyway, yesterday was my rest day and found myself snoozing around 9pm! I was THAT tired from my long run! I had a good run tonight except that my usual route is currently undergoing a road construction so I had to do a different route, actually it’s a better route. Here’s my same same time:


But after I lost that 300 calories, I ran and drove like crazy because I was late for a family dinner and these are waiting for me…

(Top (L-R) Grilled Teriyaki Blue Marlin, Sinigang na Bangus, Tofu Vegetable
Bottom: Pork Sisig, Fried Tilapia)

Buy hey! I run so I can eat a lot (Let me be, I’m just trying to feel good and not feel guilty about how i devoured the Crispy Pata awhile ago)!

I’m happy that I was able to maintain my best time since my last 5km run! 🙂 So far so good! Hope y’all has a good run my fellow runners! 🙂


4 thoughts on “5km in 30minutes!

  1. As a newbie runner I have similar goals (minus the half marathon as I can’t conceive going such a distance just yet 😉 ) – it’s unlikely that I’ll make it within these times for my races (definitely not for my 10k next week, maybe with a little luck with my 5k in June) but I think it’s good to train with some sort of aim! I love how I can eat until my heart is content these days too, all that food looks yum!

  2. I can’t wait do to do 5K in under 30 minutes, my best is 32 mins 30 secs….so close yet so far. My aim for my first half marathon is to finish in under 3 hours, actually, to just finish it all, I think will be amazing. I slow right down after 5K!

    • That’s exactly my dilemma during my first month of training but on the second month you’ll notice that the “slowing down” phase will be on the 7km, then 9km then for all you know you were stronger down to the last km 🙂 But I’m no expert yet, I feel the pain on my 11km-14km stretch 😦 In still working it out! 🙂

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