Week 7: 8km Tempo Run

From now on all my blog title related to my training will be ‘titled’ like that because the not so creative in me spends 2-3mins thinking of what I should title my post! LOL

So anyway, tonight I did my 8km tempo run and I followed it to the letter. According to my training I have to do my warm up run for the first 1.5km then 5km on an average speed of 7:20 then cool off the last 1.5km. I DID IT! The positive effect of doing a Tempo run is that my feet was doing great until my 8km run, it wasn’t tired and I don’t feel the worn out feeling.

Another thing that I noticed is when I do a speed run (8:90 average speed) I feel so dehydrated when I reach my first 4km but tonight I reached 8km without having a sip of water (which I strategically placed on my hips haha).


Tomorrow night I’ll do an easy 5km run and I’ll take a picture of my new-scary-rape-route! Okay, I named it like that coz I can’t concentrate since the road is a bit dark and lots of trees and I was always looking at my back scaring myself that someone will just grab me! LOL

Im just blabbing now! All in all, I know now the purpose of Tempo Run. It was a smooth run and I didn’t feel that exhausted after the run 🙂

Hope y’all had a good run my fellow newbie runners!

x o x o



4 thoughts on “Week 7: 8km Tempo Run

  1. I went on the other side of the creek yesterday, it’s even more isolated than my usual route, but I wanted to see if I could get a longer run in (which it is 😉 ) I was looking over my shoulder every few minutes lol!

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