Nike Lunar Glide 4

HELLLLOOOOO!!! Did you miss me? I miss posting and RUNNING! I’ve been in hiatus for 5 days now because I was so busy with the campaig period and guess what?!! It paid off! My dad won! He’s the new municipal councilor of our town! Woot!

I have plans on running at our town since we have the best running route but I was pre occupied by cooking for so many people! Yes you heard me, I can cook! LOL 🙂 So there, tonight will be the first time I’ll run after several days of rest :/ I’m so excited to run tonight! To top of it off, I HAVE A NEW RUNNING SHOES!!!

Of course, the cheapskate in me won’t buy by myself, my husband actually bought it for me! Uhm, technically he just gave me the money and I bought it LOL! Sorry too much confusion there. I’m just blabbing because of excitement!!! 🙂 The story behind my new shoes goes like this: (text message and translated already)

Me: Hon, I forgot my running shoes back home 😦
Husband: Go buy a new one! It’s time for you to buy since your pair is already old!

Me: NO way! I’ll have it delivered by LBC tomorrow, I’ll ask my brother to ship it to me.
Husband: Buy one please! So you have a new one for your half marathon!

Me: I wont! Expensive and I love my old pair! (nike lunarswift)
Husband: I’LL PAY. Get yourself a new one.
Me: OKAY! I’ll buy today 🙂

Hihihihi! So I ran to the nearest Nike store (My office is actually in a Mall, how lucky i can get) and got myself a new one!!! Since I’m a heel runner, I chose a stable shoes… HERE IT IS! 🙂


Isn’t it a beauty?! 🙂 Haaayy… I’m so inlove with it 🙂 Pretty much excited to run tonight!




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