Week 8: 5km slow run

Just ended my 5km Ultra Slow Run 🙂 I paced again myself with my officemate who’ll be my buddy on our company’s 10km run on June 30. Another thing is since I wasn’t able to run for 5 days I know my feet had to recover so I took my time running. Oh and another reason is I don’t wanna over run yet my new Nike’s LOL! I still get giddy over my new lunar glides! 🙂

How was it? Well, it is comfortable! I’m a heel runner and its quite similar to my old pair of Nikes which is a Lunar Swift. I loved my old pair, I’ve been running for a year (treadmill) and it doesn’t give me any problem! 🙂 I will continue to update you more the next days on how Lunar Glide is a heaven sent for us heel runners 🙂



That’s the route I was talking about in my previous run a “rape route” LOL! It’s scary but super comfortable route, no bumps! Just flats and a little uphill on the way back! 🙂

Hope y’all had a good run my fellow runners! 🙂




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