Pace UP: My 1st Fun Run!


I’ve been looking forward to this day! I have so many plans, like buy a simple hydration bottle ✔, buy new Halo Hair Band ✔ and the most important, SLEEP EARLY 👎.

I only had 6 hours of sleep, and for someone like me who loves sleep and sleeps like 8-10 hours, that 6 hour sleep is hell! So when I wake up this morning I just put my game face on eventhough I wanted to just crawl into our bed. My husband is so excited also this morning!

Me and my husband raced together, he was suppose to pace up with his friend but the latter was a no show haha! But anyway, it was a good thing since it’s our first fun run might as well run it together.

On the 5k mark we were both doing okay, paced at about 6:11! That was fast! On my training I was only required a 8:13 average speed but we were going 8:90- 9:00!!! On the 6km mark, there it is again, I’m already short of breathe. I forgot to mention that on my last run I experienced the same thing, this has never happened to me before! (So now I’m googling how to properly breathe haha!)

On our 7km, I had to STOP and walk! I said to my husband that if I’ll continue on the next 500mts I’ll probably need an oxygen! I’m such a pussy haha!

On the next 8km-11km, I probably stopped and walked three times! I’m ashamed 😦 My husband who has no training at all but he plays basketball three time a week was so strong and never stopped until the finish line! I’m so proud of him 🙂 And since I’m so proud of him, I will finally post our picture haha!


I’m so prou of you love and thanks for always pushing me to run when I try to walk haha! Here is our time:


Not bad eh? But I could have gone a faster time if I can breathe properly. And now that’s my next game plan! I will have to look now for a Pilates Class (accdg to Mr. Google) 🙂

Hope you’ll have a fantastic sunday run my fellow newbie runners! 🙂


(photo taken by my husband)


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