Simple Hydration Bottle

Before my first fun run last sunday I didn’t tell my husband that I made a quick trip at the mall LOL! But instead of my usual haven, which is the supermarket or the National Bookstore, I stormed my way up to RUNNR Trinoma! πŸ™‚ Upon entering I felt that feeling again when all my negatives became positives haha! Have you felt that feeling?! πŸ™‚

Back in law school when I knew that I didn’t do well on a recitation I go to the mall and spend hours at National Bookstore (for my foreigner followers: It’s a huge school supplies store, a popular one!) And when I enter the bookstore, it feels like HOME! Okay I’m exaggerating now and I’m going farther on my title up there but for my fellow runners you know what I’m talking about LOL.

So there I was, bought another Halo Hair Band and proceed to Planet Sports to buy my Simple Hydration Bottle. The cheapskate in me was torn whether to buy the nathan 2 pack hydration belt or the simple hydration. I chose the former because of course it is way cheaper and second, I don’t think I will be comfortable on a belt chugging on my waist :/

And I don’t think I was wrong, ALAS! The Simple Hydration Bottle is the answer to my prayers! I can now finally take a long run without my water bottle being stolen when I leave it somewhere in the dark or I turn around to drink on my car :/ It was so comfortable hanging on my nape and I completely forgot it’s there (except when you freeze it and then stupidly put it back of your nape, YES I DID IT!)


I didn’t have the time to drink it during my run last sunday coz every km the Pace UP Run has water/gatorade stations so me and my husband was able to save out water and drink it instead on the finish line. I swear! It’s so comforatable placing it at the back of your nape rather than placing it on your leggings/tights/shorts πŸ™‚ I was kinda hesitant to buy it first because of mixed reviews about it but now I understand that some men runners finds it uncomfortable because they have nowhere to put it but at their shorts and unlike our super tights bottoms the Simple Hydration to some men might be a little struggle.

I’m a happy runner again!

Planet Sports Trinoma
PHP 850.00 (USD 20.7)




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