I paced again with my officemate who’s a beginner runner. I motivated her to run with me in the entire 8km run. Well I needed the company since I’ll be running a “rape” route hehe. Sorry for the term, I just called that route coz there are always a group of boys hanging behind the trees LOL! So anyway, Charms, my officemate run with me the entire route. Eventhough it was a slow run coz I’m trying not to leave her behind it made my feet recover from the long rest (3 days) I had during the election period. I guess another advantage is that I didn’t feel tired after the run, in fact the feeling was so good that I felt the 8km was too short (excuse my bragging LOL)

We finished at around 10pm and headed straight home. And man that was the time I felt the tiredness.. Without me knowing I was KO the next minute I laid down haha! (The reason why I wasn’t able to blog about it last night)

This morning I was planning to run very early to finish my 4km required run (i was cramming remember?) but I woke up late 😦 So instead of running on the road I made a visit at the gym! Finally I was able to use my membership! πŸ™‚


I strictly ran 4km because I’m too scared for my 18km long run tomorrow! I know it’s a No-No to run before a long run but the crammer in me had to, sorry the crammer/lazy runner in me had to! πŸ™‚ It was an easy 4km run awhile ago and honestly I miss the gym but don’t get me wrong I’d rather want to run on the road, it’s a lot different.

And now my weekend starts! I’m waiting for my husband to arrive from Tagaytay and then its a satur-date for us! Fast and the Furious 6 baby! πŸ™‚




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