Week 10: 9km run

I have so many excuses whenever my time sucks! So yesterday I motivated myself that my run will be a good run, I mean, I feel good! Rain just stopped, weather is not so hot anymore, few people are running and I’m not in a hurry to go home coz the husband is out of the country for work. So yesterday lunch I was procrastinating here at the office and started stretching to ready my feet for my 18km run (I was cramming again remember?! LOL) and then I felt funny in my stomach, I was like am I having today the TIME of the month?! No no no no! I rushed to the ladies room! And need I say more! Sorry guy readers. :/ I don’t need to elaborate on this one.

So come late afternoon I was having dysmenorrhea already but I can’t moss a run and I feel like i can do my 18km run. I reached my running route and started to run about 8ish pm. Oh man! On my 2km stretch I feel the invigorating pain of dysmenorrhea + gas pains and it didn’t go away until my 8km run! I was really really slow coz my body is aching from the pain 😦 I was cursing myself because I was such a lazy ass the previous days so now I’m experiencing this 😦

On my 9km, I stopped! My mind wanted to continue but my body will surrender and I didn’t want to finish my 18km on 3 hours. I wanted to finish my 18km on sub 2 so I decided to finish my 18km on wednesday and just rest for today.

So you know how messed up my training for this week is? Since I advanced my 9km due for wednesday, I have to do my 18km on wednesday, 18km on friday and the combined 5km each on Sunday (Run United 2 Race at the Mall of Asia). I wanna dieeeeeeee!

And next week I have to do again my 19km on a mid week since I’m leaving for Singapore on the weekend. Oh man, the things we do to train for a half marathon LOL. I’m not complaining I always love the feeling after a run.

Oh and one lesson I learned yesterday, EAT after the run. I had bread for breakfast, half rice for lunch then nothing the rest of the afternoon. After the run last night I decided not to eat, well you know for “diet” for purposes LOL and I learned my lesson the hardway, I woke up in the middle of the night with dysmenorrhea + gas pain + hunger :/ So I sneaked to the kitchen and ate 2 spoonfull of rice and a bite of chicken. Sheeeessh 😦


I hope you had a good and better run than mine my fellow newbie runner! 😉




2 thoughts on “Week 10: 9km run

  1. Oh my God, even reading the distances you’re running fills me with dread at the thought, I need to be doing them in a few weeks!
    I never feel hungry after a run but always eat otherwise, I am ravenous later in the day and resort to junk food!
    Despite, the time of the month fecking up one run, you’re still doing brilliant work so don’t get disheartened.

    • Haha! Thanks! But that’s exactly how I feel when I go blog hopping to other runners, they do 5 miles a day! Argh! 🙂 You’ll do well, you’ll probably do better than me coz sometimes the lazy person in me wins LOL

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