Nike Lunar Swift 3



I bought my first Nike Running shoes a year and 6 months ago. It was a Chirstmas Gift by my then boyfriend turned husband because I kept on putting rugby on my old pair of Nike which I use for running on treadmills. That old pair was not even a running shoes, it was a cross training shoes. Well, back then I couldn’t care less whether I need a stability shoes or neutral shoes, I have just this idea that all rubber shoes are meant for running LOL. So when my then boyfriend bought my Nike Lunar Swift 3 ate Nike Trinoma, it was just because of the nice color haha! 

So when I started training 2 months ago, my Nike Lunar Swift 3 was God sent! It was my perfect running shoes. I can run 16km with only water breaks for walking but I tell you, my Nike’s were perfect. It was 2 weeks ago that I forgot my Lunar Swift at the province that my husband told me to buy a new pair since I have to “break it in” before my half marathon on July 14. So I submitted, I went to Nike Robinsons Galleria and bought a super super beautiful Nike Lunar Glide 4. I blogged about it here.

I was so excited to use it and for the past 2 weeks I run almost 4x a week to test it and so that my feet can adjust to it. If you will notice also, the past 2 weeks I’ve been running slow and mostly pacing with a newbie runner so my new Nike’s will have to adjust. It was only yesterday that I noticed and finally decided that the Nike Lunar Glide 4 wasn’t meant for me =(, I owe you readers a honest review about it.

On my Nike Lunar Swift 3, my running form was perfect!!! Never in my entire 2 months of running LDR or speed run that I experience my big toe hurts or my knee caps giving up, but on my Nike Lunar Glide 4, it did =( At first I thought it was just another bad day for running but when I felt it every run I know something is wrong. I then told my marathoner boss about it and I was so relieved that I wasn’t the only one. She told me that she has 3pairs Lunar Glide 4 already and all of it was not meant for her too. 

Whenever I run, my feet is everywhere! So thats the reason why I need a stability shoes. On my old Lunar Swift 3 I never get pain whenever I do long run, I feel tired during the last stretch of 14-16km but I feel no pain on my knee cap and legs. I don’t also feel the ground on my Lunar Swift unlike my Lunar Glide 4 where I can feel my soles are touching the ground, that’s probably the main reason why I get pain in my big toes and pain on my knee cap only on the 6km-9km stretch, yeah that’s how bad it is =(

But anyway, I know that switching from another running shoes is a trial and error thing and I’m glad I feel a “notch” up now that I feel a difference, NAKS! I feel like a pro runner who’s blogging about a shoes hahaha! So for now, I’ll be using my Nike Lunar Glide 4 for short runs and my Nike Lunar Swift 3 for long runs =) 




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