Week 10 (day 2): 9km run

I’m back! Well, a bit stronger today LOL So I feel so bad sucking up on my time on my past runs because my period got on the way (sorry male readers) and I’m adjusting on my new Nike’s.

Awhile ago, armed with my arm band for my Iphone5 with 16 songs (with 2 Justin Bieber) and my ever reliable Simple Hydration Bottle that I bought at Planet Sports Trinoma (I think I’ll have a serious relationship to my bottle, LOVE IT), I started running on an average speed of 8.10km/hr. I know it may seem slow but on my training I’m still on track 🙂 So I managed to keep my pace until the last km and I feel so good about it. My friend, Charms who’s also running with me tried to run with me on the first 2km but I told her that I have to leave her behind coz I’ll have to up notch my speed. To be hones, I’m way behind my training and a feel a little bot worried if I can do my half marathon on July 14 😦 But I know if I start to discipline myself now and no more excuses, I know I can beat my own time!


My aim is to achieve 10km in an hour and I feel so close! I’m happy! So goodnight my fellow runners, I hope you had a good run today 🙂




2 thoughts on “Week 10 (day 2): 9km run

  1. You’ll kill the half marathon. You’re doing great. Don’t forget on race day, you’ll have a load of races and a load of adrenaline to spur you on!

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