Week 14: 9km Morning Run

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA for 2 days! 🙂 I was suppose to do my long run tonight but I just got home from the province for my father’s oath taking as a newly elected councilor so my hands were full this weekend!

So yesterday morning I did my 9km run. I intended to wake up around 5:30am but of course you know me, the ever so “morning” person who thinks 7am is super early! Hehe! So as usual I got up around 7:30am and started to run around 8:30am. But this time, thanks to my supportive husband who drove me to UP and waited for me for an hour while doodling his Ipad hehe. Oh, and this is the only thing that my husband fully supports me, RUNNING! 🙂

So it was a good day to run, it was a bit struggle for me to run in broad daylight and a littlw bit of sun hitting my eyes but thanks to my New Balance pink Visor who basically helped me a LOT to shade me away from Mr. Sun.

The first time I wore my New Balance pink Visor was the World Vision Run and I didn’t appreciate much the advantage of wearing one except ot kept the sweat off my eyes but during my run yesterday it was a HUGE help. Aside from the fact that it kept the sweat off my eyes, it kept also the sun rays from hitting my eyes directly.

I managed to run a bit fast but decided to run a bit slow when I felt I need water coz I have to go back to our car and drink. Sssshhh, I think I lost my Simple Hydration Bottle again. 😦


So tomorrow I hope the rain will stop for 2 hours on the evening so I can have my long run 🙂

Goodnight everyone! Hope you had a good run today 😉





I’m already scared and at the same time excited! My 1st half marathon run will be in 2 weeks! I just can’t stop thinking about it and googling stuff like “How to survive a half marathon run?” was No. 1 in my search engine today LOL! I’m seeing basically the same stuff, hydrate and run at your pace.

Last night’s run was a good run. I was attempting to make my 5km in a span of 30mins but my monthly period decided to jump in and ruin the moment 🙂 It was a good thing though that I decided to finish my 5km and do my 9km required run tonight. I just wish I can have the strength tonight and not let my dysmenorrhea ruin it again 😦

Any suggestions on how to prep for my 1st Half Marathon? Thanks guys!



Two Weeks Before My 1st Half Mary!



I started my final 2nd week from my first half marathon with an 8km outdoor run! The past 3 days , the weather was cooperative. Last night was practically a good run for me. I wanted to do a long run but my officemate tagged along for the run and I don’t want her calling the cops on me why I’ve been missing for 2 hours LOL

Since I took a rest last monday and last week’s run was my most ‘runned’ week (I really don’t know if there is such a word), last nights run was pretty good. My feet does not ache for the 1st few kilometres and warming up was really not a problem. I wanted to go a bit faster but decided to just stick with my required speed. Last night too was a pain-free on my rib part haha! I didn’t experience any difficulty in breathing. I planned on taking Fish Oil coz I read somewhere that taking it an hour before a long run will give you more oxygen (I’ll make a separate post on this).

I’m kinda excited on my first half marathon on July 14! I’ve been thinking “Hey! This is it!” I’ve been training hard (on some weeks) and I’ve gotta face this! I am also scared on not finishing on my expected time. My target is 2:15 and maximum is 2:30! Is that too impossible? Argh!

If you have any suggestions on how I can solve my breathing, please please help me! =) I’m open to suggestions =)

Goodluck my fellow trainees to your first half marathon or full marathon! =)



Running and Bikram Yoga, together?

Since I always rant about how I’m having difficulty in breathing for the past few runs I have specially in a fun run, I finally decided to get back to Bikram Yoga during my rest days. And while I was browsing and consulting Mr. Google, I found out good benefits of Bikram Yoga to Runners:

“Regular practice of Bikram yoga is a proven way to increase lung capacity, which is why it’s so good for people with respiratory problems. Each session starts with standing deep breathing and ends with breathing rapidly in and out. They’re exercises that teach you how to open your lungs and to use your diaphragm to breathe more deeply. In our day-to-day life most of us breathe too shallowly, but 90 minutes of deep, slow breathing brings your heart rate down to normal, and helps you keep calm and focused under pressure. It’s why top-level athletes like Andy Murray find Bikram yoga so useful.” Source: http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/health/yoga-for-runners-the-breathing-benefits-of-bikram/8666.html

I found several useful sites that says Bikram Yoga is a good choice for runners especially when we are doing rest days. It’s beneficial in terms of our strength, flexibility, it expands our lungs and improves our strides in running. But most of all, it relaxes our minds during running. I am convinced. Back then, when I was an active yogini (for 2 months, does that count?) there was already a major change in my body. Weight Loss is number one, second is how my skin looks totally fresh. I’m pimple free and my skin is glowing! =) I was attending Bikram Yoga 4x – 5x a week but I had to stop coz I was employed in a Law Firm back then and schedule is an issue.

So when I saw this deal at https://dealgrocer.com/product/2332-full-body-workout-with-a-2-week-bikram-yoga-pass, I got it right away! It was only for 2 weeks but I am planning to continue the practice after my coupon ends. 

I’ll tell you all about it after my first day which is on July 8, so for now I better manually practice my breathing! LOL



World Vision Run 2013: Unofficial time of 1:07


Yes! I dragged again my husband in one of my run! =)


I have a fully booked Sundays this month and the next month well except for this coming Sunday because of my Dad’s oath taking in our province. I was suppose to run with my husband in our company-organized Robinson’s Buddy Run this coming Sunday but I had to give away my slot =( So there, boo yah!


Yesterdays World Vision Run is by far the most perfect weather a runner could wish for. If you live in Manila, you know what I’m talking about. At 5:10 in the morning, weather is cool and by the time I finish my 10km run, Mr. Sun still is a no show. So the weather is cool, perfect for running! I started strong on the first 4kms, Oh I forgot to mention that my husband left me on the first 2km mark! How competitive supportive my husband can be! So I was practically lonesome on the rest of my 8km run. I saw him on the 5km turn but he just waved at me with his big smile. Argh! 

So I was strong until the 4thkm, on an average speed of 9 to 9.5km/hr but I had to slow down the rest of the run to 8.3 to 9.0km/hr (average speed). I can feel my ribs starting to feel the pain, yes, it’s my breathing once again. For the rest of the run, I can feel it so even though my body is still strong I had to slow down or else the pain will become stronger the minute I go faster. I try to enjoy the view or sing along with my music but the pain never leaves. 

It was my first time to run at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and I was expecting a flat route so I thought it would be an easy breezy for me since I train in UP Route (crazy semi uphill). But I was wrong, there are some stretch that I can feel an uphill but of course there are also stretch for me to recover. Basically, I still love the Mall of Asia (MOA) route. But in this run, I was faster by a minute!!! Yey! My husband’s time was 1:04 and he’s so proud of it because he brags that he has no training but he plays basketball once a week and goes to the gym regularly.

I wanted to improve my time and I know I can do it coz I feel strong during a run but it’s my breathing that I have to work with. SO, I finally decided to take a Bikram Yoga Class to improve my breathing, posture and be more flexible. I wanted to try Pilates but since I’m familiar with Bikram since I took it a year ago for 2 months, I was more inclined to get back to it.

I will have my separate post on why I decided to be back in Bikram. For now, Namaste!