I DID IT!!! I consider this run as my first official fun run since this run is highly commercialized LOL This run is organized by Run Rio (Coach Rio) which is by far when it comes to races, they are practically THE God of the organizers. So when I signed up for a 10k run I was so excited and expecting that this run will have so many attendees.

With barely 5 hours of sleep for 2 days (Me and my friends did a day tour at a beach which is a 3-hour drive from Manila yesterday) and aching muscles from a long drive yesterday, the first thing that came into my mind when I woke up at the sound of my alarm clock a while ago is “Snooze and then miss the race!” But good thing I didn’t, i stood up, took a quick shower and drove up to the Mall of Asia where the run will take place. Since my husband is still in Indonesia for work, his cousin accompanied me! Yey!

Got at the venue 20mins before gun time, I was stretching and pretty much excited. I was alone but I feel pretty much happy that I will finish this on my own πŸ™‚ The happy hormones of the other runners are everywhere, almost all 10k runners ran with their friends or special someone hehe!

At exactly 5:30am, I heard the gun. But I was like “hey! Why arent we moving?!” And there it was, a pretty 50mts from where I was standing that the START arch was located! Wow! I didn’t realize we were so many! And it took me 5minutes to reach the START arch and actually ran!

My first 5km-6km were good! Oh, I used my Nike Lunar Swift 3 and it was purrrrrfect!!! My feet were pretty fastr again! Pretty good actually! I loved it! The roads are flat and my average speed was 8.9-9km/hr! I didn’t feel the pain on my lower breast (breathing problems) not until I hit my 8km-9km stretch. There it was again, it’s so painful that it makes me wanna stop but NO I didn’t! I slowed down a bit to 8.5km/hr and fixed my breathing. I wasn’t tired at all but the pain in my lower left breast is acting up again! I hate it! I was trying to enjoy the surroundings but I can’t concentrate because I was conscios of my breathing 😦 My simple hydration bottle was safely tucked again at the back of my nape and I drank twice on that while running. I didn’t stop on water stations because I was aiming for me not to walk and I succeeded:) I ran the entire 10km!


When I saw the finish line, I forgot my breathing and felt excited! I ran and outpaced other runners and ran as fast as I can until the FINISH line! It was so much different from my first fun run in UP πŸ™‚ This one gave me goose bumps πŸ™‚ I feel like a pro haha!

I DID IT! I was aiming for a sub 1 but I know I’ll get there someday and I won’t have my lazy ass ruin that! πŸ™‚

Hope you had a good run my fello runners, I’m all tucked in now in bed and I can’t wait to hit the dreamland! ZzzzZ…




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