Week 11: 5km easy run

A month and a half to go before my half marathon and I’m already on my panic mode! When I ran the Run United last sunday and reached the 10k, I knew that my training isn’t enough. My breathing was everwhere and it was ruining my pace on the 8km to 10km stretch. It was there that I realize that i have to work on my speed and most importantly, BREATHING.

My marathoner boss told me if it helps, to COUNT. Because in counting, they have cadence. Last night I was suppose to run a full 9km. This is scheduled on my wednesday run but since I’m leaving for Singapore kn Friday, I have to cram again my training. I told my officemate who’s also training that I won’t be running with her coz I have to work on my speed.

I wore again my Nike Lunar Glide 4 so I can “break it in” more or my wishful thinking that probably someday it will finally have a harmonious relationship with my running feet 🙂 I was having a good run last night when during my 4km stretch the rain started to pour down so I hurriedly ran to my car and finished instead a good 5km run. It was still within my scheduled run for a monday but I was hoping I’d finish first a 9km wednesday run. Well, probably the raining was on my side last night coz I forgot my earphones and I wear the wrong top because my Simple Hydration Bottle wont fit at my nape. Yes, I still can’t put it on my tights coz I’m using a cheap leggings LOL


I basically had a good run last night and I’m starting to speed up a little on my breathing, any tips out there? 🙂




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