Week 12: 6.5km run

I love rainy season! It makes me wanna cuddle into my bed and hug my husband haha! But I hate it when it rain in the afternoon, on my scheduled long run!

So today I was about to do my 19km run. I prepped! I carbo load during lunch and rested before my run. And dear lord it rained in the afternoon! šŸ˜¦ So my husband told me to just go instead with him to the gym and just run there, I was like “What?! I will ran the entire 19km at the gym. Thats sounds boring!” And of course he got me convinced so we braved the rain and it was pretty raining hard! If you know Manila too well, our rain is no ordinary during rainy season! Its thunderstorm plus lotsa rain.

So upon arriving at the gym, i found out that I left my Iphone! And yes! Meaning it will be a soundless run! I was so pissed off and my feet cant move at the treadmill. I told my husband that I’ll just do a 6km run and do abs workout.

It was a good workout eventhough I wasn’t able to do my long run AGAIN! Tomorrow I’ll just do another 13km and the next day an 8km run! Goodluck to me šŸ™‚

Hope you all had a good run my fellow runners! Stay away from the rain šŸ™‚




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