Week 13 (Rainy Season): 7km run

It’s my 3rd day to run indoors, on a treadmill. And one thing I will tell you. It’s NO FUN! I miss the outdoors! It’s been raining cats and dogs here in Manila so it’s been keeping me away from running at UP 😦

I have no choice but to run and keep up with my training. I’ve been trying so hard to put more kilometres after my 7-8km but man I can’t keep my mind off how boring it is already and I feel like I was running for an hour already when its only 15mins on my clock! :/ Well, thats the fun of the rainy season :/ Sheeesh

But I had a good run! I was running on an average speed of 8.5 for the first 3km and 9.0 km/hr on the last 4km and I feel pretty fine but I had to cut it coz I have a birthday dinner to attend to! 🙂

I know it will rain again tomorrow since the Typhoon will leave by Sunday and well basicall if its Rainy Season here in Manila it means for the rest of 3 months, you can count on how many days it WON’T rain! LOL

So pretty much I have to run 10km tomorrow so I can rest Friday then run my long 19km run on Saturday morning, if thr weather permits!

And then another 10k Run on Sunday for the World Vision Run happening on BGC! Woot! 🙂

Hope you had a good sunshiney run mu fellow runners! 🙂




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