My 1st running problem: Body Glide or Petroleum Jelly?

The 1st few week of my half marathon training, my boss, who’s a runner told me about chafing problems. During that time, Chafing was not YET a problem. I even thought that it will not be a problem because i’ve been running for almost a year without having to encounter it. But if course during that time, 6km run was the farthest distance I reached haha!

So a month ago, I felt a sting feeling on my left arm, I thought it was because of my armbad for my Iphone. When I reached home and showered, I just placed a petroleum jelly on it. After a few days, it healed already but never I applied petroleum jelly before a run.

So last night during my treadmill run, I felt a prickly feeling on my left arm again. It’s the back of the upper part touching the lower portion of our under arm. I bet you guys know what I’m talking about 🙂 It’s the one touching the arm hole of our top while running. So what I did was placed my towel on my underarm so it won’t touch the arm hole and create another wound and it stings because of the sweat.

I had to remove it once in a while because I can feel fatigue on my left since it was not moving. When suddenly I feel another prickly feeling on my right! I was like, oh NO NO NO NO! Not on the other side too 😦

(Left arm)

(Right arm)

If you look closely, you’ll see the red mark on it. It doesn’t look painful but trust me IT IS!!! I cringe my face last night when my sponge touched it! After I took a bath I placed petroleum jelly again on it so it won’t rub on my shirt.

So the big decision is now to come LOL. Am I going to stick with my petroleum jelly or time to buy BodyGlide? Decisions Decisions Decisions




4 thoughts on “My 1st running problem: Body Glide or Petroleum Jelly?

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