Running and Bikram Yoga, together?

Since I always rant about how I’m having difficulty in breathing for the past few runs I have specially in a fun run, I finally decided to get back to Bikram Yoga during my rest days. And while I was browsing and consulting Mr. Google, I found out good benefits of Bikram Yoga to Runners:

“Regular practice of Bikram yoga is a proven way to increase lung capacity, which is why it’s so good for people with respiratory problems. Each session starts with standing deep breathing and ends with breathing rapidly in and out. They’re exercises that teach you how to open your lungs and to use your diaphragm to breathe more deeply. In our day-to-day life most of us breathe too shallowly, but 90 minutes of deep, slow breathing brings your heart rate down to normal, and helps you keep calm and focused under pressure. It’s why top-level athletes like Andy Murray find Bikram yoga so useful.” Source:

I found several useful sites that says Bikram Yoga is a good choice for runners especially when we are doing rest days. It’s beneficial in terms of our strength, flexibility, it expands our lungs and improves our strides in running. But most of all, it relaxes our minds during running. I am convinced. Back then, when I was an active yogini (for 2 months, does that count?) there was already a major change in my body. Weight Loss is number one, second is how my skin looks totally fresh. I’m pimple free and my skin is glowing! =) I was attending Bikram Yoga 4x – 5x a week but I had to stop coz I was employed in a Law Firm back then and schedule is an issue.

So when I saw this deal at, I got it right away! It was only for 2 weeks but I am planning to continue the practice after my coupon ends. 

I’ll tell you all about it after my first day which is on July 8, so for now I better manually practice my breathing! LOL




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