World Vision Run 2013: Unofficial time of 1:07


Yes! I dragged again my husband in one of my run! =)


I have a fully booked Sundays this month and the next month well except for this coming Sunday because of my Dad’s oath taking in our province. I was suppose to run with my husband in our company-organized Robinson’s Buddy Run this coming Sunday but I had to give away my slot =( So there, boo yah!


Yesterdays World Vision Run is by far the most perfect weather a runner could wish for. If you live in Manila, you know what I’m talking about. At 5:10 in the morning, weather is cool and by the time I finish my 10km run, Mr. Sun still is a no show. So the weather is cool, perfect for running! I started strong on the first 4kms, Oh I forgot to mention that my husband left me on the first 2km mark! How competitive supportive my husband can be! So I was practically lonesome on the rest of my 8km run. I saw him on the 5km turn but he just waved at me with his big smile. Argh! 

So I was strong until the 4thkm, on an average speed of 9 to 9.5km/hr but I had to slow down the rest of the run to 8.3 to 9.0km/hr (average speed). I can feel my ribs starting to feel the pain, yes, it’s my breathing once again. For the rest of the run, I can feel it so even though my body is still strong I had to slow down or else the pain will become stronger the minute I go faster. I try to enjoy the view or sing along with my music but the pain never leaves. 

It was my first time to run at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and I was expecting a flat route so I thought it would be an easy breezy for me since I train in UP Route (crazy semi uphill). But I was wrong, there are some stretch that I can feel an uphill but of course there are also stretch for me to recover. Basically, I still love the Mall of Asia (MOA) route. But in this run, I was faster by a minute!!! Yey! My husband’s time was 1:04 and he’s so proud of it because he brags that he has no training but he plays basketball once a week and goes to the gym regularly.

I wanted to improve my time and I know I can do it coz I feel strong during a run but it’s my breathing that I have to work with. SO, I finally decided to take a Bikram Yoga Class to improve my breathing, posture and be more flexible. I wanted to try Pilates but since I’m familiar with Bikram since I took it a year ago for 2 months, I was more inclined to get back to it.

I will have my separate post on why I decided to be back in Bikram. For now, Namaste!






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