Two Weeks Before My 1st Half Mary!



I started my final 2nd week from my first half marathon with an 8km outdoor run! The past 3 days , the weather was cooperative. Last night was practically a good run for me. I wanted to do a long run but my officemate tagged along for the run and I don’t want her calling the cops on me why I’ve been missing for 2 hours LOL

Since I took a rest last monday and last week’s run was my most ‘runned’ week (I really don’t know if there is such a word), last nights run was pretty good. My feet does not ache for the 1st few kilometres and warming up was really not a problem. I wanted to go a bit faster but decided to just stick with my required speed. Last night too was a pain-free on my rib part haha! I didn’t experience any difficulty in breathing. I planned on taking Fish Oil coz I read somewhere that taking it an hour before a long run will give you more oxygen (I’ll make a separate post on this).

I’m kinda excited on my first half marathon on July 14! I’ve been thinking “Hey! This is it!” I’ve been training hard (on some weeks) and I’ve gotta face this! I am also scared on not finishing on my expected time. My target is 2:15 and maximum is 2:30! Is that too impossible? Argh!

If you have any suggestions on how I can solve my breathing, please please help me! =) I’m open to suggestions =)

Goodluck my fellow trainees to your first half marathon or full marathon! =)




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