I’m already scared and at the same time excited! My 1st half marathon run will be in 2 weeks! I just can’t stop thinking about it and googling stuff like “How to survive a half marathon run?” was No. 1 in my search engine today LOL! I’m seeing basically the same stuff, hydrate and run at your pace.

Last night’s run was a good run. I was attempting to make my 5km in a span of 30mins but my monthly period decided to jump in and ruin the moment 🙂 It was a good thing though that I decided to finish my 5km and do my 9km required run tonight. I just wish I can have the strength tonight and not let my dysmenorrhea ruin it again 😦

Any suggestions on how to prep for my 1st Half Marathon? Thanks guys!




2 thoughts on “Week 14: 5KM Midweek Run

  1. Nice job! I enjoy running music-less and miss doing so. I think I will the next time I run (tomorrow morning if I can get my bum up at 4 am) when is your half marathon?

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