Week 14: 9km Morning Run

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA for 2 days! šŸ™‚ I was suppose to do my long run tonight but I just got home from the province for my father’s oath taking as a newly elected councilor so my hands were full this weekend!

So yesterday morning I did my 9km run. I intended to wake up around 5:30am but of course you know me, the ever so “morning” person who thinks 7am is super early! Hehe! So as usual I got up around 7:30am and started to run around 8:30am. But this time, thanks to my supportive husband who drove me to UP and waited for me for an hour while doodling his Ipad hehe. Oh, and this is the only thing that my husband fully supports me, RUNNING! šŸ™‚

So it was a good day to run, it was a bit struggle for me to run in broad daylight and a littlw bit of sun hitting my eyes but thanks to my New Balance pink Visor who basically helped me a LOT to shade me away from Mr. Sun.

The first time I wore my New Balance pink Visor was the World Vision Run and I didn’t appreciate much the advantage of wearing one except ot kept the sweat off my eyes but during my run yesterday it was a HUGE help. Aside from the fact that it kept the sweat off my eyes, it kept also the sun rays from hitting my eyes directly.

I managed to run a bit fast but decided to run a bit slow when I felt I need water coz I have to go back to our car and drink. Sssshhh, I think I lost my Simple Hydration Bottle again. šŸ˜¦


So tomorrow I hope the rain will stop for 2 hours on the evening so I can have my long run šŸ™‚

Goodnight everyone! Hope you had a good run today šŸ˜‰




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