Week 15: One Week Before My First Half!

Ackkk!!! It’s getting nearer and nearer everyday! I’m getting nervous and kept thinking if my training is enough to run my first half! I know I can survive the race but I don’t know if I can reach my desired time. Well, I’ll know my pace after this 16.8km Sundays Adidas King of the Road.

Last night was a pretty good night to run. The weather was perfect, it was cool coz the rain just stopped and unlike before when it’s so hot after a rain. I did a 10km last night and so happy I finished on a great time on an uphill! Yay!

I was running on an average pace of 7-7.41 km/hr and observing if my lower right rib will hurt again but it didn’t. Well, I felt it when I tried to run a bit faster on my 8km stretch and slowed down a bit but it wasn’t that worse than before. The past 3 runs I didn’t experience the shortness of breathing, I just don’t know if it’s psychological or it’s because of the fact that I’m already taking Fish Oil! 🙂 I’ll blog separately ob my reviews and observation after taking the fish oil an hour before my run. 🙂

I’ll be resting today on my run (and excited to start bikram next week) coz I combined my 2 5km last night haha so I can do a long run on wednesday! 🙂

Hope you had a good run my fellow runners!



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