Week 15: My interrupted Long Run

The lazy person in me has been combining short runs so I always get to have a one rest day. LOL. I know it defeats the purpose of having a short/rest run but I really want to improve my endurance before my first half marathon on July 14.

Last night I was planned to do my 16 km in preparation for the Adidas King of The Road on Sunday. The first 3km I can feel the drizzle but since UP was well surrounded by trees I can barely feel the rain so I continued running until the rain is not DRIZZLE anymore LOL. Good thing I was able to outran the rain for a good 11kms! 🙂 Yey!

It was a good run and I didn’t feel any shortness of breathing, was it because of the fish oil that I’ve been taking? Well, too short to tell. BUT I did experience that my legs are kinda sore, telling me I must CROSS TRAIN. Good thing I’m all ready to go back to Bikram Yoga after this Sunday’s run! Yay!

I love the weather minus the rain! And that reminds me, I must buy my gears for this Sunday’s Run:

GU Energy Gel
Simple Hydration Bottle (I lost it :()

I’ll update you after my run! See yah! 🙂




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