I was about to run last Friday night for my 5km run but since it is still rainy season, rain got in the way and so I did my 5km this morning with Mr. Sun shining si brightly. Well, it’s my fault since I woke up pretty late and ran still haha!

But since my running route, which is in UP (University of the Philippines), are well surrounded by trees, I hardly felt Mr. Sun. The UP Oval is exactly 2.2kms, I always add some extra route by running a good 1km stretch on the road going to UP so two rounds of which I get a pretty good 7kms 🙂 This is the extra stretch I’m talking about..

This morning I did a 5km and I wore my Nike Lunar Glide 4 since it will be a short run and Oh Man I really can feel the road 😦 Suddenly I missed my Nike Swift but surprisingly I did pretty well 🙂

I hope my short run this morning won’t affect my run tomorrow! I’m excited and please throw me some energy out there! LOL

I’m going to finish strong my 16.8km tomorrow! (Oh! How i wish!)




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