Yay! I finished it strong!

Guntime was 5am and the husband drove me there, well, he was suppose to run with me but he backed off the last minute coz he doesn’t think his knees will survive the run so I ran alone. Running alone actually works for me, I get to think and have fun sightseeing along the route.

My first 6kms was a breeze, I was going at an average pace of 6.3 to 6.7 km/hr and my legs were strong. I took a fish oil an hour before the run and hoping it will work (It did!). The next 5 kms was the worst part of the race haha! It was a flyover and man, it was a killer! It was killing my legs so when I saw another uphill, I slowed down and then ran as fast as I can on that uphill. On the next 11-14kms we had a turn around on the same flyover and I was talking to myself not to stop because it will hurt more. But Oh No! I stopped and walked for like 20seconds so when I decided to run again I can feel the pain shooting up on my legs! Argh! Then I swear that I will not walk again and run the rest of the kilometres to the finish line.

It was my first time to join the Adidas King of the Road here in Manila since I just started taking running seriously this year. And the run is well-organized, with water station every 1.5kms and it was also the first time that I see cheerers all over! πŸ™‚ I heard that in the US, families or friends participates in cheering the runners. Uhm, well, here in the Philippines, they are at the finish line and quietly waiting for their loved ones. The Adidas KOTR also provided Bananas at the turnaround, in the 10km stretch and I had a moment with that Banana haha! I savoured it until I cannot chew anymore, I was like “fooooooooddd!!!”. I think it worked because the 10km-13km route was my fastest! πŸ™‚

Upon reaching the finish line, I saw my husband waiting for me with his Ipad and he sure got some good pictures πŸ™‚

I clocked 1:02 when I hit my 10km and I was so happy! I mean, I didn’t feel any pain nor did I experienced difficulty in breathing, one more run on Sunday and I promise you I will give a full review on my Fish Oil intakes hehe!

Oh, it was actually my first medal on a run so I was pretty excited having it and its so beautiful, right? I hope next year I can join again! So in summary, it was a good run for me and best PR so far, I have yet to wait for my official time! πŸ™‚ I’m so happy I finished it strong and injury-less. I hope next week I’ll have a better time and free from injury too! Wish me luck for my first half mary next week! Woot!





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