It’s finally THE Week! My last week before my first half marathon is finally approaching. I’ve trained for 3 Months, more or less LOL. Well, most of the time I cram or too lazy to do a long run. This week according to my training plan is I’ll just do a 5km run, another 5km run and last is a 7km run. So I’ll just have 3 runs for the week.

I rested my legs for 2 days, YES, I didn’t do the Bikram Yoga I promised on my last post pftt! Last monday I tried tiptoeing to practice some postures for the Bikram and oh man my legs were wobbling! So my husband told me to just rest and give my legs a break 🙂

Tonight I did an easy 5km run. The weather was perfect because it just rain so the weather was cool. I was about to meet my parents for dinner but since I finished late from running, they went back to the province. Oh, my mom and dad were worried about how addicted I am into running that I won’t have babies anymore if the time comes (plan: next year)! Is it true? Ill consult Mr Google after this.

My running wound (I took a picture and was about to post it but decided not to coz it’s really gross :() which I got last sunday located below just at my armpit is really really painful up to now. I put betadine on it in the morning and in the evening so it will heal fast for my half marathon but I don’t think it has any plans to heal yet. Urgh! So I will be taping it up on Sunday.

Goodnight y’all! 🙂 Hope you had a perfect weather in your run!




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