7km run for my Final Week of Half Marathon Training

Good thing the hardworking in me beat the lazy ass in me last night or else I’ll skip my 7km last night and go home and watch my fave telenovela LOL

Every night that has been my dilemma, to drag off my lazy ass to drive to UP and run a short distance before my first half marathon this sunday. For sure, i’ll have the same battle tonight for my last 5km! šŸ™‚

I was about to do a 5km last night but after hitting the 5km mark I decided to add just 2km easy run so I’ll have a short run tonight and get some looooooong sleep.

My feet were so heave last night. I thought it will warm up until the 3rd km but I was still feeling heavy until the 5th km so when I stopped for a while to hydrate and ran an easy 2km thats the time I felt my legs were warming up. I was feeling pretty blessed that for the past races I’ve joined I never experienced those heavy legs and I wish it will not happen on Sunday! I need my legs to be strong and steady!


I was pretty slow last night on an average speed of 8.5km/hr but I didn’t stop even if I wanted to stop badly coz the hills are killing me! But I finished strong and praying that I’ll have enough strength to finish my half marathon thos Sunday! šŸ™‚




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