Bikram Yoga + Running

Finally! After so many promises I attended my Bikram Yoga!

It felt sooooo good! Why did I ever stopped practicing a year ago? Oh okay, now I remember, it’s expensive! The timing of a groupon from Bikram Yoga Greenhills is a heaven sent! I’ve been looking for an opportunity to enroll myself to a one-month unlimited class and good thing I was so lazy to do it so I got the groupon! Yay!

I arrived at the class 30 minutes before 6pm and registered for the class. The instructor was Isabel and she’s soooo nice! I know all the poses but forgot the proper form of some and Isabel was nice enough to assist me in some poses 🙂

I practice Bikram Yoga on and off for the past 3 years and everytime I try to go back, it’s so painful and I was always having a hard time breathing inside the hot room. But this time, the practice was a bliss! I didn’t have a hard time doing the poses, I was breathing properly the entire class and didn’t feel dizzy the rest of the class! 🙂 And I thank running for that!!! 🙂 Since my body is used to running and all that fatigue, the poses I did was not as hard as before.

After 90 minutes, we finally did the final breathing and NAMASTE! Will definitely go back tomorrow!




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