Bikram Yoga: My Perfect Cross Training from Running

It was my second night last night to do Bikram! It was hooooot but so good after the practice! 🙂

Last night was a major deal for me whether to decide of Bikram Yoga will be the good cross train for me in Running. The first night was good, instructor Isabel was kind and generous enough to open the door once in a while and a little window for us so the first night was like “YEAH! I can do this!”. Remember my bragging post? LOL

But last night we had a different instructor, Charles. He greeted me since I was an early bird and he qas so accomodating and nice enough to chat with me as a new student. Okay, so now I know why he is so nice coz he’s bad ass at the hot room! I was like cursing him while I was holding on to my last breath LOL! Okay no, that’s why it’s Bikram, its supposed to be a hot room hehe. I was like a little kid there whining and thinking “why the heck I was doing this again?!” Then after the class, I remembered. The practice was sooo good that you anticipate going back the next day and signing up for an unlimited one month class 🙂

I still have a week and a half but I’m going to rest today and have dinner with my girls. Ill going back to running tomorrow until Sunday then Bikram Yoga again for the first half of the week next week 🙂 Now I understand why we runnera needs to cross train. It will make you not get “sick” of running and it will keep your other muscles moving 🙂

I’m so happy I found the perfect cross training for me! 🙂




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