Benefits of Bikram Yoga to Running

Hello everyone! I haven’t updated for days because I have been resting from my last weeks half marathon. My resting means I’m doing Bikram Yoga for my legs to recover! 😉

I did Bikram Yoga at Greenhills 3x a week last week, I did try to run a few kilometers last Sunday with my husband but I ended up giving up on the 2km mark because of my cramps 😦 I hate being a girl (sometimes!) So I waited for the husband to do another round at the UP Oval, so thats another 2km while I waited for him at one of the benches worrying if my one week rest affected my running! LOL

So yesterday I did a suicide workout haha! I practiced Bikram Yoga at 6pm then hit the gym after for a 5.5km speed run and did 50 crunches! SUICIDE! My husband asked me if I’m trying to kill myself haha!

But you know what? After Bikram, I actually felt good going to the gym which is so unlikely of me being a lazy ass! LOL So I took the vacant treadmill and just run!

So here’s my little observation of what 4x a week of Bikram did to my running. Disclaimer: I’m a beginner in Bikram and stopped practicing a year ago so please so don’t fully rely on this. I’ll tell you about more after a month’s practice.:)

1. I noticed I was breathing on my stomach during the last 3kms. It wasnt intentional but I saw myself in the mirrow and was amazed.

2. My strides were longer! Have you ever felt that you’re strides were short? Especially on a race! Mine was like mini strides! Haha! I’m asian so I have short legs hehe. My strides now were much more longer and I feel comfortable!

3. Fish Oil + Bikram Yoga= Good Proper breathing and goodbye chest pains!

4. My legs were more stable! In Bikram, we do 26 postures and almost all of it were stretching and legs based so my legs were sore always haha! So when I ran last night I felt my legs were not that wobbly and no injuries because of my super stretching from Bikram haha!

Well, that’s it for now! 🙂 I’ll add more as I go through my running while incorporating Bikram Yoga into it! 🙂

Hope you had a good run + your crosstraining pretty people! 🙂





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