On Boxing and Running

I know I’ve been quite a no show here in the blog! It’s been a week already and the last time I blog was my 10km run at the Robinsons Fit & Fun Buddy Run! I was so busy with work and E had to leave for Brazil so I was a little bit preoccupied.

So I went back to running after my 10km last tuesday and skipped a run last wednesday to watch a movie with a friend (The Intership was hilarious!).

I run only at the gym coz weather is still unpredictable and I hate it when it interrupts me so I opted for the treadmill. I did a 5km speed test, I pushed myseld to a 9.5km/hr and I was able to hold on to it then cool down another 1km to close it to 6km! Since I have all the time in the world, I did some core workout too! 🙂 It was a very productive day and was so happy!

Since on my last blog I won’t be running for a longer distances now and will concentrate on a 10km to 16km only, I had to crosstrain because I’m scared that my legs will someday give up or be over used. So I guess the title was such a giveaway huh? Yeah! I BOXED!!! 🙂

For the past year, I always have plan in buying a boxing gloves because I don’t wanna rent out one (hygiene purposes) but that “plan” was put out for a long time coz I was too lazy to box. I boxed twice only last year but didn’t get to continue coz it was too far from me now.

It was my sister now who told me to box with her coz she’s gaining weight and it was boxing that put her off her weight a few years ago so yesterday I bought a Black Everlast Boxing Gloves, I wanted to buy the pink one but come on, I couldn’t kid myself that I’m that girly LOL! So I got black instead hehe.

My baby brother who usually Muay Thai’s joined us!


Oh gaaaaahd!!! After the intense 3 rounds and some punching bags! I was dyiiiing! But it was so good!!! Oh how I miss boxing. It felt so good that I told my trainor that I’ll be back later LOL! And I thought that I’m fit enough because I run but the workout was so intense haha! The beautiful part of it after everything? The stretching that came with it! I wanted to offer the man who’s stretching me to marry me hehehe!

I was so glad that I did boxing, I just don’t know if I’d be regular on it, but who knows? 🙂

Happy crosstraining beautiful people!!! 🙂





I’ve heard so much about this run from my officemates who yearly run at this event. Usually from a runners point of view you’d thought that since it’s “highly” talked about you will expect hearing that its an organized run, hydration station is strategically located or that the location is very runner-friendly. NOPE. That’s not what I heard. My officemates, who are not runners gushed about how MUCH FREEBIES that our company gives on the runners haha!

Well, of course, since the company I worked for owns Malls and Supermarkets you would totally expect that suppliers will definity sponsor the event. One of officemates chose 5KM run for the very reason that he wanted to finish first so he could line up to the free booths. He was even planning already where to put his extra plastics hahaha!

Since it’s my first year at the company I was so excited to join, advantage is that I got race kitssss for free that I was able to give out to E’s officemates 🙂

Gun start is at 5:30 am, woke up at around 4:15, took a quick shower and decided to not wear the singlet and use instead my Nike Orange running top! So I was wearing Nike all over, that’s how much bias I am to Nike 🙂 Oh, wore my new shoes (Nike Lunar Glide 4) this time since it’s a 10km run only (I can’t believe I just said ONLY, what training does to us) LOL


Met with E’s officemates at the starting line and at the gun start we then run separately but of course with my Buddy husband. 🙂 We started the first 6km run with drizzles, I never knew that running while raining is suprisingly better and so refreshing! I started running at the speed of 9.0km/hr and I know I was going too slow so I told E to pick up his pace so I could beat my PR. On the 4th KM mark I wasn’t aware that I was running 10.1 km/hr on speed. I was flyin’!!! I was so happy! But then I started to slow down on the last 7-9km because of the uphill and I know we are on lead but when E told me that Doms and Sharon were ahead of us when we tried to stop at a hydration station. We picked up our pace, surpassed them on the last kilometer and finished around 30-40seconds only ahead of them! 🙂


MY BEST TIME ON A 10KM RUN!!! Woot!!! My speed training paid off 🙂 Someday I will gun for a sub-1!!! 🙂

You wanna know if the stories were true that this particular run is an epic on giving loot bags? Look for yourself 🙂



That’s mine and E’s loot bags! I was amazed how generous they are LOL! Definitely I’ll join next year! 🙂

So we went home, refreshed from a good race with lotsa freebies on the side!!!! 🙂

Hope you had a good run my fellow runners, on a race or on your own! Just be motivated! 🙂



Back to Training.. NOT :/

I was so motivated to train for my half marathon on October 6 (Run United 3 of Coach Rio) when my husband on a random late night talks told me to take running slowly and concentrate more on my 10kms.

I was like “huwaaat?!” I CAN’T! I WON’T! But I gave in 😦 Since we are newly weds we are taking this year as “honeymooning year” and enjoying each others company by travelling (we’ve been together bf/gf for eight years). Our plan next year is to start a family and he thinks that running too much will affect my ovaries :/ I explained to him that I’m not one of those hardcore runners who trains like every week there will be a 42km to run into. But still, I gave in. Yeah, the submissive wife in me hehehe LOL (But he bribed me with a GARMIN 110 on the side) *wink

But despite the fact that I won’t be running half marathons anymore, I am sticking to my training, weight issues and some “me” time! 🙂

I wasn’t able to blog about my past 2 runs coz I’ve been busy at night watching some teleseryes or snoozing very early! My 8km run last tuesday was so good that I finished it less than 45mins! On an average speed of 9.5km /hr. Well, since I won’t be running any half marathons anymore I might as well get my best time on a 5km and a 10km fun run or races 🙂

I realized that I have to join races so I’ll get motivated to train and run. 🙂 Expensive but I have to have a motivation! Can you feel me on this??

So last night I wasn’t suppose to run but I saw via FourSquare that a friend of mine is having a meeting right beside my gym so I called her up and asked her to have light dinner with me after a 5km run and her meeting! So there, it turned out as a productive night!!! 🙂

We are having a 3-day holiday but husband is leaving for Brazil tomorrow for work so I’m home alone 😦 But I’m pretty excited that he can join me tomorrow at the Robinsons Buddy Run before he flies out tomorrow evening! Yay! I just hope that it won’t be postponed this time! I heard that after the race you’ll leave the area with groceries that you can actually put up a store hehehe! Yeah, I’m such a sucker for goodies, who doesn’t?! 🙂

Imma rest early and hoping that everyone had a good day today! 🙂




Back to Training!

After a week of rest after my Half Marathon, i’m finally back to training!!! 🙂

The past week I just rested my legs and practically didn’t exercise, I just wanted my rest to heal and recover. But on that week I tried on something new, a diet food delivery service for a week with a 1200-calorie/day diet 🙂 (Will blog on a separate post) I lost 3lbs btw!

So this week, I am armed with a new training plan. It’s a 2-month training plan with the main goal to beat my PR of 2:25 on October 6 (Run United 3). I wanted to get a 2:15 on my final Half Marathon for the year which will happen on RU3 and I hope I will have the determination plus discipline to stick to my training! 🙂

Today is my Day 1 and since its still the rainy season and rain is so unpredictable, I decided to run at the gym. Yes, I finally got use of my membership to good! So I ran a 5k and walked another 1km to cool off. It was a good run! Avergae speed was 9.3km/hr and so happy I lasted the entire 5km run! 🙂

Looking forward to my next run, its gonna be a 9km on wednesday night! 🙂