Back to Training.. NOT :/

I was so motivated to train for my half marathon on October 6 (Run United 3 of Coach Rio) when my husband on a random late night talks told me to take running slowly and concentrate more on my 10kms.

I was like “huwaaat?!” I CAN’T! I WON’T! But I gave in 😦 Since we are newly weds we are taking this year as “honeymooning year” and enjoying each others company by travelling (we’ve been together bf/gf for eight years). Our plan next year is to start a family and he thinks that running too much will affect my ovaries :/ I explained to him that I’m not one of those hardcore runners who trains like every week there will be a 42km to run into. But still, I gave in. Yeah, the submissive wife in me hehehe LOL (But he bribed me with a GARMIN 110 on the side) *wink

But despite the fact that I won’t be running half marathons anymore, I am sticking to my training, weight issues and some “me” time! 🙂

I wasn’t able to blog about my past 2 runs coz I’ve been busy at night watching some teleseryes or snoozing very early! My 8km run last tuesday was so good that I finished it less than 45mins! On an average speed of 9.5km /hr. Well, since I won’t be running any half marathons anymore I might as well get my best time on a 5km and a 10km fun run or races 🙂

I realized that I have to join races so I’ll get motivated to train and run. 🙂 Expensive but I have to have a motivation! Can you feel me on this??

So last night I wasn’t suppose to run but I saw via FourSquare that a friend of mine is having a meeting right beside my gym so I called her up and asked her to have light dinner with me after a 5km run and her meeting! So there, it turned out as a productive night!!! 🙂

We are having a 3-day holiday but husband is leaving for Brazil tomorrow for work so I’m home alone 😦 But I’m pretty excited that he can join me tomorrow at the Robinsons Buddy Run before he flies out tomorrow evening! Yay! I just hope that it won’t be postponed this time! I heard that after the race you’ll leave the area with groceries that you can actually put up a store hehehe! Yeah, I’m such a sucker for goodies, who doesn’t?! 🙂

Imma rest early and hoping that everyone had a good day today! 🙂





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