I’ve heard so much about this run from my officemates who yearly run at this event. Usually from a runners point of view you’d thought that since it’s “highly” talked about you will expect hearing that its an organized run, hydration station is strategically located or that the location is very runner-friendly. NOPE. That’s not what I heard. My officemates, who are not runners gushed about how MUCH FREEBIES that our company gives on the runners haha!

Well, of course, since the company I worked for owns Malls and Supermarkets you would totally expect that suppliers will definity sponsor the event. One of officemates chose 5KM run for the very reason that he wanted to finish first so he could line up to the free booths. He was even planning already where to put his extra plastics hahaha!

Since it’s my first year at the company I was so excited to join, advantage is that I got race kitssss for free that I was able to give out to E’s officemates 🙂

Gun start is at 5:30 am, woke up at around 4:15, took a quick shower and decided to not wear the singlet and use instead my Nike Orange running top! So I was wearing Nike all over, that’s how much bias I am to Nike 🙂 Oh, wore my new shoes (Nike Lunar Glide 4) this time since it’s a 10km run only (I can’t believe I just said ONLY, what training does to us) LOL


Met with E’s officemates at the starting line and at the gun start we then run separately but of course with my Buddy husband. 🙂 We started the first 6km run with drizzles, I never knew that running while raining is suprisingly better and so refreshing! I started running at the speed of 9.0km/hr and I know I was going too slow so I told E to pick up his pace so I could beat my PR. On the 4th KM mark I wasn’t aware that I was running 10.1 km/hr on speed. I was flyin’!!! I was so happy! But then I started to slow down on the last 7-9km because of the uphill and I know we are on lead but when E told me that Doms and Sharon were ahead of us when we tried to stop at a hydration station. We picked up our pace, surpassed them on the last kilometer and finished around 30-40seconds only ahead of them! 🙂


MY BEST TIME ON A 10KM RUN!!! Woot!!! My speed training paid off 🙂 Someday I will gun for a sub-1!!! 🙂

You wanna know if the stories were true that this particular run is an epic on giving loot bags? Look for yourself 🙂



That’s mine and E’s loot bags! I was amazed how generous they are LOL! Definitely I’ll join next year! 🙂

So we went home, refreshed from a good race with lotsa freebies on the side!!!! 🙂

Hope you had a good run my fellow runners, on a race or on your own! Just be motivated! 🙂




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