On Boxing and Running

I know I’ve been quite a no show here in the blog! It’s been a week already and the last time I blog was my 10km run at the Robinsons Fit & Fun Buddy Run! I was so busy with work and E had to leave for Brazil so I was a little bit preoccupied.

So I went back to running after my 10km last tuesday and skipped a run last wednesday to watch a movie with a friend (The Intership was hilarious!).

I run only at the gym coz weather is still unpredictable and I hate it when it interrupts me so I opted for the treadmill. I did a 5km speed test, I pushed myseld to a 9.5km/hr and I was able to hold on to it then cool down another 1km to close it to 6km! Since I have all the time in the world, I did some core workout too! πŸ™‚ It was a very productive day and was so happy!

Since on my last blog I won’t be running for a longer distances now and will concentrate on a 10km to 16km only, I had to crosstrain because I’m scared that my legs will someday give up or be over used. So I guess the title was such a giveaway huh? Yeah! I BOXED!!! πŸ™‚

For the past year, I always have plan in buying a boxing gloves because I don’t wanna rent out one (hygiene purposes) but that “plan” was put out for a long time coz I was too lazy to box. I boxed twice only last year but didn’t get to continue coz it was too far from me now.

It was my sister now who told me to box with her coz she’s gaining weight and it was boxing that put her off her weight a few years ago so yesterday I bought a Black Everlast Boxing Gloves, I wanted to buy the pink one but come on, I couldn’t kid myself that I’m that girly LOL! So I got black instead hehe.

My baby brother who usually Muay Thai’s joined us!


Oh gaaaaahd!!! After the intense 3 rounds and some punching bags! I was dyiiiing! But it was so good!!! Oh how I miss boxing. It felt so good that I told my trainor that I’ll be back later LOL! And I thought that I’m fit enough because I run but the workout was so intense haha! The beautiful part of it after everything? The stretching that came with it! I wanted to offer the man who’s stretching me to marry me hehehe!

I was so glad that I did boxing, I just don’t know if I’d be regular on it, but who knows? πŸ™‚

Happy crosstraining beautiful people!!! πŸ™‚




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